Friday, December 21, 2012

New in Tory Burch

Don't you just love to splurge sometimes? Though it makes me guilty at times, sometimes I just would like to buy some stuff that is out from my ordinary shopping. It means yes I do love to get bargains and I don't usually spend that much on bags. Normally I spend bags that retails from $10.00! But this December I thought I should be spending something more that is beyond normal. This bag which I got online is pretty good deal I would say since it was on sale. However shipment almost cost half of the whole price of the bag. It ends up really a bit expensive after all. But I am happy hopefully this quite pricey bag would stop me from the urge of buying bags that are cheap. And it ends somewhere in the house not being used. 

I would hope this would be my everyday go to bag. Have you been shopping lately?