Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NY Resolution 2012

Hmf from the title itself is quite a challenge. I am not really into New years resolution but more on like doing what is good for the year. Like last year it says that it says on my sign that it is a good year for travel. So I did that. This year I want to focus mainly on making money. I mean like being more productive. Haha! it sounds funny.

But seriously I want to improve some other aspect in life. I want this to happen! Common I need a support.

Anyway I want to gain more wisdom. Improve my conversation or small talk to other people otherwise known as being careful on what I say. Other than that I want to improve my perspective on how to look at life. I am really encourage to build my own house now. It doesn't matter how little it is.

I want these things to happen by simply putting aside my "self evolving kind of attitude". I want to think of others this time.

Cheers to a good year! Hopefully I am able to follow what I wrote in this blog! What is your NY Resolution?

Take care,