Tuesday, January 11, 2011

first time

Okay so this is new to me. I have been blogging before but I have not posted anything online (so I guess that wasn't blogging back then). I am just checking to see how this works etc. I am just so bored sometimes that I don't have anything to do but to go online. Sigh. Anyway I am quietly inspired by other bloggers posting pictures of their clothes, what they wear at work and all that. This is also one of the reason too that I created a profile so I can comment on them .

Fashion is an art as they say. Based on what I see they are numerous bloggers out there I mean like hundreds!!, I presume it is every girl's thing. We always have a love for fashion. For me of course I love fashion too (what the heck), I like looking at trends, I like looking at celebrity's clothes. I like watching people at streets strutting the most updated trend too and of course I like drooling at my friends who are at their best wearing fashionable clothes as well. But the question is although I love fashion so much how come I don't wear something that is trendy and fashion forward too?

You see I am more on being safe. I really love those trendy clothes that is out on the market today. I wish I can wear all of them (apart from the reason that some of them are pricey). I am more on hmm how do I say or maybe in the magazines I have read the term is "Minimalist". Yeah I think that is my style. I don't want a lot of things going on (although sometimes I admit I go crazy with accessories) my clothes.

Back in high school I was a major faux pas. I love experimenting clothes so much that I always end up looking trash! Anyway there were some days that I looking pretty much normal. For the next blogs I will be posting my pictures and I would really love other people out there to comment or at least say something because honestly I am not sure if what I am wearing is good or bad.

I have yet to see a lot of postings from you guys that I hope I can meet some friends out here. Till next time. Good luck.